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In this blog we are going to look at some of the most successful ICOs over the past few years.

Before we begin, the uninitiated among you may be asking yourself what is an ICO? To put it simply an ICO is a way of crowdfunding which is based around cryptocurrency. Companies with an idea which is based around blockchain, (and this is a very important point, please see our previous blog entry here for more details), will set up an ICO in which investors can exchange cryptocurrency for a tokens, which can either be traded like a normal cryptocurrency once they’re launched on an exchange, or they can be for use within the new business.

There are more and more ICOs being launched every day as companies are beginning to realise the potential of blockchain and what it can do for their business. So what have been some of the most successful ICOs in recent times?


This ICO was originally known as Antshares, amongst other names, and has been handed the moniker of ‘Chinese Ethereum’.

NEO uses smart contract applications, as well as decentralized commerce, identification and digitized assets. It also has a number of big name bars such as Microsoft and Alibaba. Of course, with the size of the market in China there is no telling how big this could become.

Token prices started out at $0.03, and so far have peaked at $88.20. Currently the price sits at around the $18 mark (as of 14/09/2018). You can also find out more information about cryptocurrency in China in this blog article.


One of the earliest ICOs turned out to be one of the most successful in the form of NXT. Launched by a developer called ‘BCNext’, it was a blockchain based platform for the financial services sector.

When it was first launched the founders managed to make $16,800 in Bitcoin, which is an impressive figure when you realise that the tokens were originally sold at $0.0000168. At it’s peak, the tokens were worth $2.15, an astonishing 1,477,000% return on investment for investors.


Spectrecoin is a cryptocurrency which may not have made the impact that ethereum or NEO, but it still yielded an impressive ROI for investors. It began back in November 2016 and was marketed as a privacy-focused cryptocurrency. This statement was backed up by the fact that you could send coins anywhere in the world with complete anonymity.

Whilst it is still not known as a mainstream cryptocurrency, the results have still been good with a current price of $0.22 compared to $0.001 at the beginning. At it’s peak it reached $0.60.


This Nordic ICO has a simple yet effective idea; to become the ultimate cloud storage facility on the net. And seeing as it is based on blockchain then it also means it is one of the most secure.

It is also a great example of an ICO offering a token that is part of the design, as users can purchase free hard drive space or rent it out in exchange for cryptocurrency. The idea itself is very simple and user friendly, which is part of the appeal of this ICO.

In terms of the figures, they reached their cap of $30,000,000 in less than a week, with an impressive rise of 11% in the value of their tokens.


It’s impossible to have an article about successful ICOs without mentioning the giant that is ethereum.

The second most valuable cryptocurrency in the world was created four years after bitcoin and was the first cryptocurrency to offer proper competition to bitcoin. As well as being a cryptocurrency, it is also a ledger technology on which applications can be built and run.

The price of ether when it first hit the market was $0.31, whereas now one ether is worth $203.

So as you can see from the above examples there are plenty of ICOs out there which turn out to be well worth a look. For more information on investing in ICOs and what to look for please check out this blog entry which explains things in more information.

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