Inform Yourself

Bitcoin is different to any currency you’ve used before, so it's very important to understand some key points. Unlike government issued money that can be inflated at will, the supply of Bitcoin is mathematically limited to twenty one million bitcoins and that can never be changed.

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Bitcoin is one of the most important inventions in all of human history.

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You can obtain Bitcoins the same way you can obtain any other currency. You can sell or exchange something for them, or even ask your employer to pay you in Bitcoin! Of course, the easiest way is to buy them on one of our trusted Bitcoin exchanges.



Understanding Blockchain and 
its impact on your industry


The benefits are endless

Direct ownership

No third parties, secure blockchains and privacy. Only you own your tokens. Cryptocurrencies are booming; Bitcoin has risen from around $0.005 in 2010 to more than $4,000 today.

Quick growth

The more popular the project gets, the faster the token value grows.

Start small

You don’t need a lot to invest. Start with a few dollars and turn it into a big sum one day.

Regular crowdfunding is behind us!

The top funded project on Kickstarter, Pebble Watch, grossed $20,338,986. The most funded project on Ethereum, EOS, grossed $185,000,000. Yes, that’s 185 million dollars.

It’s happening NOW!

Less than 1% of people own bitcoin. Investing in cryptocurrency assets now means you’ll gain value in the longer term.